To Shop At B&M Online Store

To search for a specific product, simply browse the different sections of the web page:

Main Menu

Categories and subcategories menu on the left side of your screen that will take you to all the products of the selected category.

Advanced search bar located at the top right of the page.

To buy a product follow the following steps:

Click on the product you want to buy. In it you will find the following information: a scale image of the product that allows you to see the article in detail which can be enlarged by moving the mouse over the image; a detailed description of the article and its characteristics; user opinions and related products; and then click on the "Buy" button

When you add the product to the Shopping Cart, the list of all the products it contains will be displayed.

You can continue browsing or adding other products when you are sure of which products you are going to buy, go to the Shopping Cart and Select the default shipping address, or add a new address if you wish.

Select the transportation method of your choice.

You must read and click on the "I have read and accept the conditions of sales" box

Then click on the button "pay with PayU" and it will show you a summary of your purchase.

Click on "I confirm the order" which will redirect you to the Payments Portal (service provided by PayU) to enter your payment information and/or credit card.

If you have any questions about how to buy in our store, please contact us.

Note: The user must be registered or have entered the site with their username and password to make the purchase.

Shopping Cart

If you want to see how many products you have in your Shopping Cart and the details such as quantity, prices for selected references and your totals (without shipping costs), you can do so by clicking on the "Cart" button located at the top right.

Modify the shopping cart

In the shopping cart, you can increase or decrease the number of items you wish to order by modifying the number in the "quantity" box and then clicking on the icon or delete them by clicking on "X". The total amount will change automatically.

Prices Of The Products

All the products that are in have their prices in American Dollars (USD) for the users located outside of Colombia. These prices do not include sales taxes or nationalization, as these may be charged by the customs of each country.

For users located in Colombia, the prices are in Pesos (COP).

Customs Taxes

Applies for shipments made outside the Colombian National territory.

The prices of the products do not include VAT, nor customs taxes.

Customs duties and taxes may be charged at the time of delivery, these charges are separated from the shipping costs.

It is the buyer's responsibility to receive the goods and pay the respective taxes in their country if necessary

If the buyer does not pay the taxes to the customs, we will order the return of the merchandise and the client must assume the costs of this procedure.

Sales per unit or in small quantities normally do not need to pay import taxes, but this depends on the customs regulations of each country.

Order Status

At the end of your order, you will receive an email confirming it.

The initial status of your order would be pending

If your order has been processed successfully, you will receive an email informing you that the status of your order has changed to Approved.

If your card or transaction is not approved for any reason, the purchase will not be official, an email will arrive informing you that the status of your order has changed to Rejected.

If your credit card had a problem in the transaction, we will send you an email informing you of the problem that occurred and the order will remain in Pending status.

To Modify or to Cancel an Order

If your order is in the "Pending" status, it is possible to cancel it, by sending an email to or using our Contact informing the order number for its cancellation.

If the order is in "Approved" status you will only have 24 hours to cancel it after the notification. 

We will send you an email informing you that the status of your order is "Canceled"

Product added to wishlist
Product added to compare.

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