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Rule N º 1

Some of our products are produced by hand, so small differences in color can be produced between a specific product and the products shown in our online store.

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The contents of the website and the domain bolsosymoda.co are the exclusive property of B&M Online Store. And is protected by national and international copyright laws. Therefore, no visitor is authorized to make use of them and prohibits commercial use of any part of the website, including storage and capture of information, data, images, and text.

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B&M Online Store may, when it deems convenient, make corrections or improvements to the contents or services of the virtual store bolsosymoda.co without prior notice, including modifications on products, prices, promotions, and other commercial and service conditions, without place or right to claims or compensation by B&M Online Store.

Rule N º 4

It is the responsibility of the user to send true information through the form contact us or any other form on our website, therefore B&M Online Store does not assume any responsibility for the information sent by the user

Regla N º 5

Registered Users may include comments they deem about the products displayed in the virtual store bolsosymoda.co  B&M Online Store reserves the right to withdraw those comments that use offensive expressions, without any real basis or are notoriously inaccurate.

Rule N º 6

The user is responsible for the absolute confidentiality of their data relating to the user account and password and is responsible for all actions performed under the assigned user name and password. B&M Online Store will not be liable for any damages that may occur to users of the website or to third parties due to the improper use of a user account.

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